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Monday, July 13th
Chris’s Birthday!
Click the pic for  A Birthday Suit of London Tunes.
Carefully curated for current conditions.


Chris shares his birthday, with his friend and occasional bandmate,
Guitarist/Entrepreneur, Cesar Diaz.
Pictured Below, c.1976, the original Governors.
L/R Chris, Cesar, John Fedorchik, and Chip Bush. Currently the band is known as The Governor.
Click the pic, to see Cesar and Chris jamming on the early ’90s.

Click The Pick Then Shuffle Chris London Captured Live,
a collection of  all sorts of clips, from all sorts of places, in all sorts of shapes and sizes

Tuesday, July 14th
Chris will be stepping in Johnny T. and Jr.’s Wailing,
along with Tony Dellaria, Rick Lesoine, and Phil B. Scott III,
for this weeks Community Concert Series at The Historic Shawnee Inn.
Click the pic for more info.


Wednesday, July 15th
(Click The Pick For More Info)


Guerrilla Gig
Keeping with the July thing...



Guitar Album Of The Week

The Charlie Daniels Band
Fire On The Mountain

Of course there's iconic fiddle leading the charge of The South's Gonna Do It, but the guitar work between Charlie Daniels and Barry Barnes is polished pro at the zenith of the Southern Rock explosion between 1973 and 1974. Starting out with the guitar orchestration of Caballo Diablo, (almost Return To Foreverish in spots), the album offers lots of clean picking' and impeccable musicianship throughout.
Click the pic to listen!

The Bonswaado Brothers: Ain’t Got No Time EP is Here! 

Click The Pic for info on how to get your own copy.
And for a limited time, download free…



Answer Of The Week: 

Mod Or Rocker?

Congratulations to Wayne Curtis of Tannersville,
for getting last weeks question correct.
He will get stuff.

Dreams do come true 




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