This Side Of Town Saturday BBQ Sunday

You Just Do Your Gig On This Side Of Town

Saturday Chris London Craft Americana

Sunday Firar's Point Band LIVE
at The PA BBQ Fest Reading PA


Something's Not Right In Here
On This Side Of Town


Paul's 79th Dance Around The Fire Pit

Tomorrow I'll be rocking the Center Of The Universe!
It's Tie-Dye Saturday at Petrizzo's. Wear your colors, come out for dinner,
then light things up around the NEW Fire Pit
with some Craft Americana, properly aged, and served with TLC...

96.7, Petrizzos, and The Return Of Music On Mondays!

We’ll get right To The Point  and over the hump to the weekend and back to some warm weather!
Tune in to The Gary Cee Morning Show on 96.7, Friday, 9 AM, as Chris and SideShow Skip
pay Gary and…


Ass Pocket Mask

Ok…Why wait! If you’re going over the river and throughout the woods, don’t forget your Ass Pocket Mask!
Take it everywhere you go! Happy Thanksgiving!
(Free download available for a limited time at:


Songs And Guitar - 11/2





Songs And Guitar Available 11/2/2020
Songs And Guitar, a new collection of songs from Chris London, will be available for download and purchase on all music sites and
22 tracks featuring music by The…

This Week Songs And Guitar - Shawnee and Back



'Songs And Guitar', a new collection of the best of Chris London, featuring tracks by The Bonswaado Brothers,
and a new recording of Chris' classic "To The Point", made for especially this release.


Available online…


Born today, 1961, The Edge

Born today, 1961, The Edge (Dave Evans), guitarist, singer, songwriter with U2. They signed with Island Records and released their debut album, Boy in 1980. Their 1987 worldwide No.1 album The Joshua Tree spent 156 weeks on the UK chart…