Birthday Suits, Shawnee, and Moor Bonswaado CDB

Greetings Everyone!
This week's Stuff!

Monday, July 13th
Chris’s Birthday!
Click the pic for  A Birthday Suit of London Tunes.
Carefully curated for current conditions.


Chris shares his birthday, with his friend and occasional bandmate,

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Ringo’s Smokin’ Anniversary at The Center of The Universe

Greetings Everyone! 
“Drumming is my middle name.” Ringo Starr, born 7/7/1940 
Happy 80th Birthday to Ringo Starr! The great orchestrator, part over beat, he inspired John Bonham to play drums, and became the richest drummer in history…click the pick for…

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Blow By Blow, Can't Say No, Go Go Go





Greetings Everyone! 
Today is Jeff Beck's birthday, so this week's guitar album is:
Blow By Blow 
Wore the grooves out of this one a few times. One of the great guitar albums; produced by George…

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