Ringo’s Smokin’ Anniversary at The Center of The Universe

Greetings Everyone! 
“Drumming is my middle name.” Ringo Starr, born 7/7/1940 
Happy 80th Birthday to Ringo Starr! The great orchestrator, part over beat, he inspired John Bonham to play drums, and became the richest drummer in history…click the pick for my Ringo playlist.

Question of the week: 

What was Ringo’s reply when asked if he was a Mod or a Rocker?
First right answer get’s a CD, (and maybe something else, too.)



Guitar Album Of The Week

Smokin' At The Half Note
Wynton Kelly Trio - Wes Montgomery

Absolutely mesmerizing album, recorded during the peak of the Age Of Cool. 
This album has everything why, about Wes.
Click the pic to listen!

On July 4th, 1987, I married my sweetheart Colleen.
I knew the bride when she used to rock and roll, (she still does).
After the reception, there was an after party thrown by the parent’s of the bride,
featuring the band Spot, with Travis Mitchell, Vinnie Sansone,
Robert White, Rick Lesoine, Walt Polinski, the groom.

Here’s a few fun tunes. 
(Click the pic!)


The Friday, 7/10, 7 - 10


This Week's Guerrilla Gig

Thanks to Greg Lewis for video, and  Paul Adam Smeltz and The Forwardian Arts Society

For Capturing The Chris London Band At The Community Concert Series on 6/162020

Click for videos.

Click for pics

Coming Soon!
The Bonswaado Brothers
Ain't Got No Time

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