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Chris London is a guitarist songwriter with a long established reputation for his expert playing, classic song writing, and energetic performances. Residing in Northeast Pennsylvania, London’s roots sprang from British Blues and classic Americana. London’s reputation music has taken him from Beale St. to Bourbon St., and points in between, since 1973. 

Chris London’s first release, The Chris London Band First American Album, Music Head Magazine said “A rock solid album, showcased by London’s fine guitar work, and his ability to turn a phrase”; Soundcheck magazine heralded the album as a future classic, “which takes the listener off the interstate of musical cliches and down old musical highways at dangerous speeds”, Gallery Of Sound ”By far one of the most eclectic and imaginative local releases in a long time”. And the legendary Cesar Diaz, who wrote the liner notes, states “Infectious. A great taste of London style blues, Chris and the boys take the blues, throw in some hot sauce and peppers and turn out totally nuclear chili!” Chris’s follow up release, Night Out, received similar acclaim for its “expert songwriting, funny with insight, "She Just Knows" is a masterpiece.” The title track, subsequently recorded by Friar’s Point Band, has appeared as numerous times as theme music for commercials and internet radio.  

Chris London has played regularly with The Friar’s Point Band, since 2006. As the primary songwriter, Chris and the band released several albums of blues-rock originals, including “to The Point”, “Live at Sun Studios”, and “Lust”, a conceptual collection of London’s blues originals, which won the LVBN best blues album. Their 19 song original release “At This Point”, received rave reviews. The Morning Call says “The vox are powerful and hold the listener hostage. The solos kick royal A**! I give this my highest rating, a FORCE 5!” 

London’s current release, Songs and Guitar, is comprehensive collection of past, present and future. In addition, Chris is an inspired visual artist, producing videos for his music, and has just released “The Chris London Band First American Album Retro Video Collection”. Which can be viewed at, YouTube and Facebook. 

Chris London performs throughout the Northeast PA region by himself or with someone else, or with The Chris London Band, or with Friar’s Point Band, and continues to deliver real rock and roll as he has continually done across six decades.

Performing an extensive repertoire, of time tested craft Americana.
For All Venues

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