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Throwback Thursday - I'm Over You 

Throwback Thursday I’m Over You,
the fourth installment from
The Chris London Band First American Album Retro Video Album.
Recorded in 1996, this 2015 remix features;
the 2020 versions of Chris London, Rick Lesoine and Steve Spirko.



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Throwback Thursday - Here’s To Say We’re Through 

Throwback Thursday Here’s To Say We’re Through from The Chris London Band First American Album; .  Recorded in 1996., this 2015 remix version features Chris London, Rick Lesoine and Steve Spirko, having some fun 25 years later. 


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Happy New Year 

Happy New Year's Eve!

Thank you all for your love and support this past year. Honestly, the definition of gratitude would not be enough. Peace to you with the coming year.

It’s pretty cool the last Throwback Thursday of 2020 is the last day of 2020, because 2020 was a year of throwbacks, and unfinished business. The Bonswaado Brothers EP was released, (40 years on), finally documenting what we thought had happened; Chris London Songs And Guitar, came out, featuring the songwriter’s rendering of Friars Point Band’s “To The Point”; and begins a new chapter. And, all things considered, it was, we had many oppurtunites to share our energizes, which for that, right on; and again, thank you. Enjoy this playlist of new and old videos released throughout 2020, to get the party started. With a couple of Guerrilla Gigs too…Peace to you all....😘🎸🏴‍☠️

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To The Point Songs And Guitar 

Check out “To The Point”, from “Songs And Guitar the latest rocking collection from Chris London. This version of the Friar's Point Band classic, features Side Show Skip Detrick working hard. “On the corner through the night. Play it cool, play it right” Enjoy!



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Songs And Guitar - 11/2 

Songs And Guitar Available 11/2/2020
Songs And Guitar, a new collection of songs from Chris London, will be available for download and purchase on all music sites and
22 tracks featuring music by The Bonswaado Brothers,
and a special version of Chris's musical travelogue, "To The Point".

New music and videos will be dropping soon!
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Peace, love and stay true....

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